Toy Car Upcycled from Cereal Box

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Beep, beep! Here I come, zooming along to carry your lucky teddy bear on exciting adventures around the house. Which furry friends will you choose to go for a spin?
Excerpted with permission from I Am Not a Cereal Box: 10 Exciting Things to Make with Cereal Boxes.
-one cereal box
-Safety scissors
-colorful paper
-tin foil
-black card stock

Step 1

First, paint your cereal box all over in any color you like. When the paint is completely dry, carefully cut out a square shape from the top of the cereal box. Make sure it’s big enough to fit your teddy bear in.

Step 2

For headlights, cut out two yellow paper circles and paint a black dot on each. Glue these to the front of your car.

Step 3

Now, cut a rectangle out of tin foil to glue on the front of your car in the middle of the headlights.

Step 4

Cut out 4 wheels from black card. You could add a circle of tin foil to each wheel to look like a hubcap! Glue your wheels in place.

Step 5

Cut a steering wheel out of black card stock and tape it so that it pokes out from the middle square section of your car.

Step 6

Finally, snip out a curved piece of black card stock to make the back of the seat for your teddy bear driver! Simply tape it in place and your car is ready.

Step 7

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