Chained Embroidery Stitch (also known as Tambour)

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The instructions for the Chained Stitch (also known as Tambour) were excerpted from Encyclopedia of Classic & Vintage Stitches: 245 Illustrated Embroidery Stitches for Cross Stitch, Crewel, Beadwork, Needlelace, Stumpwork, and More.

Step 1

A flexible stitch, this ismade up of a series of interlinked loops. It isuseful for lettering and spirals as well as for outlines. Bring the needleup at A.
Loop the threadfrom left to right andanchor it with a thumb.Insert the needle at A again and bring the pointup at B, over the loop.Pull the thread throughgently to make the firstloop. Insert the needle at Bagain, inside the first loop,and repeat the sequence.Secure the final loop witha small straight stitch.

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