Choose Wisely - Pick the Right Plants for Your Interior

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Even though they seem like passive and boring, plants are alive, and much like us, have different needs. There are those which need to be left alone to thrive, while others need much care and attention or they’ll wither and die. In order to have a beautiful home, you’ll need plants as well, but to have healthy plants, you’ll need to learn about them. Finding plants which are right for you and your home doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Read on and find out which plants are perfect for your home.

Step 1

Bathroom plants
Bathrooms are perfect for plants that need warm and humid air, but it depends a lot on how much natural light you have there. For bathrooms with plenty of natural light, aloe vera is the best choice, as not only does it look great, but it can also be used as a beauty product, if need be. It’s like a tube of ointment which replenishes itself. The gel inside is great for your skin and hair, and if your aloe vera has enough light, it will grow big and strong. On the other hand, if you have small windows that don’t let enough light in the bathroom, tropical plants are great. Bamboo, in particular, needs little light to grow, and it will make the room look like a rain forest.

Step 2

Living room plants
Since living rooms are usually spacious and have a lot of natural light, they are perfect for big plants which can be held in huge, decorated pots on the floor. Still, not all plants are the same and you should know how much light they need before you pick the perfect spot. Know which part of the room has which light – direct, bright, moderate, or low and decide where you want to keep your plants. Be careful when picking the place for your plants, as you don’t want to end up with a sun-starving one which will be dropping leaves all over the place. English ivy likes moderate light, and it can be grown as a hanging plant, while peace lilies need shade and prefer a bit cooler temperatures. On the other hand, red-edged dracaena loves bright light and can grow to be about fifteen feet tall.

Step 3

Perfect for kitchen
Kitchen is a space in which you can grow something that not only looks good, but it’s useful too, like herbs. You can grow your own small herb garden using only small flower pots, old cans, or even mason jars, and you can water them easily and often because you have sink nearby. Basil, French parsley and chives are all easy-to-grow, and oregano seems to be growing more the more you harvest its leaves. If you don’t have a big window, fluorescent light will be fine too, but keep in mind that plants need to be exposed to such light much more.

Step 4

Make your home come alive
If you have a lot of plants indoors, perhaps it’s wise to think about moving some of them outside. There are those which will thrive if you move them outside, but why stop there? You can come up with a new landscaping plan for your yard so that it looks great and that all your plants get enough sunlight and shade. This way you will be able to grow more plants. Also, by taking the plants outside you will have far less cleaning to do indoors; as noted by professional cleaners from Cleanworks, they can be pretty difficult to clean. By having plants both inside and outside, you will be able to make your home come alive and look like a little piece of heaven.
Plants are amazing – they look good, breathe life into your home, and what is more, taking care of plants is a great way to relax. Having a living, growing plant in your home will make you feel better, and the plant itself will become something special to you. You will see them as your children; at some point you will know when they need more or less water, or more or less sun. You’ll become quite patient and you will learn a lot about perfect timing and being persistent. Happy planting!

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