Christmas Decoration — Framed Glitter Reindeer

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This framed glitter reindeer Christmas decoration was adapted with permission from Silhouette's blog. The instructions use a shape from Alaa' K's portfolio on Silhouette. To make it exactly like the original you'll need a Silhouette Portrait machine, double-sided adhesive, glitter, a rhinestone and patterned paper. However, if you don't own a Silhouette or don't have one with you, there are ways you can improvise and still come away with something very nice. Let's get started!

Source: ,Silhouette Blog: Featured Artist Series :: Simple Craft Ni...

Step 1

When you open the reindeer shape from Alaa' K, you'll notice it was designed as a print and cut. 

Step 2

If you don't have access to a printer, the next step comes in handy. Instead of printing the shape, ungroup it ("ungroup" is a command in the Silhouette software), and delete all but one of the cut lines, leaving yourself with the outline of a deer. If you keep this little tidbit in mind, it will make print-and-cut shapes super versatile.

Step 3

Using the instructions on the packaging, cut the reindeer out of double-sided adhesive, adhere it to your piece of snowflake paper and covered the deer with glitter. Then add a little red rhinestone for his nose and pop it into your frame. 
Voila, a cute little project that you can finish in a short time and be able to spend the rest of craft night chatting, eating, laughing, ooohing and ahhhing over everyone else's projects. 

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