Christmas Ornaments with Decoupage

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I love decoupage - it's absolutely one of my favourite arts and crafts. It's so affordable and easy - you don't need to be particularly handy, or in possession of experience, or any particular set of skills. It's also a great way to bring new life to old items and pieces of furniture. It can cover a multitude of stains, wear and tear and other errors.
So without further adieu, here's how to make your very own Christmas ornaments with decoupage.
For this project you'll need:
Good pair of crafting scissors;
White primer;
Concealer brush;
Napkins with Christmas patterns;

Step 1

Sort out your materials.
Exciting: For decoupage purposes you can use music notes, book and encyclopaedia pages, newspapers, magazine cut outs, napkins, old letters, book pages in exotic languages and different alphabets.

Step 2

Cut the paper or napkin of your choosing.

Step 3

Get your primer ready.

Step 4

Apply a thin even coat on your item.

Step 5

If you are working with napkins, work only with the outer part.

Step 6

Glue to your ornament. Make sure it is even.
Useful Tip: If you are not sure how it will look and this is your first time doing decoupage, simply cut a piece of paper (you can use white A4) that has the size and shape of your ornament. Place your paper cut outs and play around with them until you get a beautiful pattern. Simply transfer it to the real thing.

Step 7

Glue all your paper cut outs, cut the parts that stand out and decorate with glitter (if you want to). Cover with a few coats of varnish and let it dry.

Step 8

Credits: This Christmas ornament was created during a charity workshop in Menai, organised by Paul's Carpet Cleaning. All images and credits go to them.

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