Cigar Box Cabinet Facelift

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We love to use cigar boxes in our DIY projects. They're colorful, super functional, extremely inexpensive (or free) and make beautiful cabinet faces.
- Hammer
- Chisel
- 1" Panel board nails
- Caulking gun
- Adhesive ( We use power grab by locktite)
- Hand saw or chop saw
- Razor knife
- Spray Shellac
- Cigar boxes
- Old fence wood for trim
- Hardware

Step 1

Use razor knife to score and take apart cigar boxes and a hammer to flatten any staples.

Step 2

Keeping with the shape of the doors and front of the facade, adhere cigar boxes to cabinet and cut to fit when neccesary using saw.

Step 3

When dry, make sure doors are operable, then use chisel to split old fence wood into strips. Adhere fence pieces, use panel nails to further adhere them.

Step 4

Spray with shellac, as many coats as needed. Be creative with your handles and hardware. Enjoy your new cabinets!

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