Coffee Table Made from Wood Pallets

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A coffee crate–inspired coffee table is the perfect addition to any family room. This one is easy to build and sturdy enough to dance on (yes, I tried it!). Simple stenciling positioned off-center makes the table look like it was created from a large coffee crate. The natural- colored pallet wood adds to the authentic crate appearance.
Adapted with permission from Crafting with Wood Pallets: Projects for Rustic Furniture, Decor, Art, Gifts and more.
One pallet with a solid top (This pallet is 26" x 33".)
Two 3 1⁄2" × 26" pallet boards 

Four 2" × 4" pallet boards cut 16" long
2" screws
Stencils of your choice, 2 different fonts

Craft paint

Stencil brush
Coconut oil
T-shirt rags
Palm sander
Tape measure
TIME : 1-1⁄2 hours, plus dry time
LEVEL: Intermediate

Step 1

Remove all of the bottom support boards from the solid topped pallet.

Step 2

Using 2" screws, attach the 26"-long pallet boards to the two open ends of the pallet. The 26"-long boards may not be quite wide enough to cover the pallet 2" × 4" boards that are at the end of the pallet. That is okay because this is a rustic piece. Sand the 2" × 4" pallet ends to round the sharp edges at the corners.

Step 3

Attach the 16"-long 2" × 4" legs. With a small clamp holding the leg in place, secure the leg with four 2" screws, two on each side of the leg. Insert the screws into the table side and the leg at an angle rather than in a vertical line on the long side of the pallet table. This makes the leg more stable.

Step 4

Sand the whole table, including the legs.

Step 5

Use a stencil to create your desired design. A chalk line will keep the letters lined up. Because I wanted the tabletop to look like part of a crate, I ran the word “coffee” off the edge. To properly place the stenciling, I started at the end of the word and worked backward. Then I used dark brown craft paint to fill in the stenciled letters.

Step 6

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