Colorful Face Masks for Kids

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Want to keep your kids entertained and learning? Try DIY face masks! It's easy and adds colour to their day. Follow these steps to create a joyful mask.
1. Yellow and Blue Colour Bright Cards []
2. Red Colour Holographic Cards.[]
3. Multi colour feathers
4. Glitter and sketch pen.
5. Elastic
6. Two little stars

Step 1

Gather Your Materials - Start with a yellow card for the base of the mask.

Step 2

Craft Playful Leaves- Cut out five leaves from bright and holographic cards. Add small slits to make them extra playful.

Step 3

Choose Colors - Pick yellow and blue for bright cards and red for holographic cards. The leaves should be around 7.5 inches high and 4.5 inches wide.

Step 4

Glue the Leaves- Generously glue the leaves onto the yellow card to create a charming arrangement.

Step 5

Add Feathers - Glue multi-coloured feathers at the centre for an extra touch of colour.

Step 6

Mark and cut out eye openings, adjusting for your child's face size.

Step 7

Decorate the mask with glitter and colourful sketch pens to make it uniquely theirs.

Step 8

Poke two holes on the sides, insert elastic, and secure it for a snug fit.

Step 9

Hide the holes with small stars for a magical finishing touch.
This is a fun DIY project you can do with your child! It's easy and perfect for bonding time. Just wait until you see the look of excitement on their face when they wear their colourful masterpiece!
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