Cork Creates an Easy Home Decor Craft

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Leftover wine corks create an easy table decor centerpiece, thanks to Camilla Fabbri of Family Chic. Create this stylish yet frugal craft in less than 30 minutes, and, if you like wine enough, for (almost) free.
Materials and Tools:
- About 60 corks
- 2.5-inch styrofoam ball
- Glue gun
- Sharp knife
- Cutting surface

Source: Cork Burst | Family Chic by Camilla Fabbri

Step 1

Stabilize ball by placing on top of a short cup. Glue corks on, placing them as closely together as possible.

Step 2

To fill in any gaps and prevent the styrofoam from showing, you can cut down a cork to create a point that will allow it to fit tightly in-between corks.

Step 3

Cutting down the end of the cork allows it fit between the other corks and create a more finished look.

Step 4

Continue until ball is covered.

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