Cornstarch and Silicone Molds DIY

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Make your own molding putty from easy to find supplies! Watch the short video tutorial here:

Step 1

100% Silicone
Baby oil
Americana Acrylic Paints
Mixing bowl
Objects to cast
2-part plastic or air dry clay

Step 2

Squeeze out enough silicone to cover your object
Add in about 1/2 the amount of cornstarch
Add a small dab of Americana Acrylic Paint
Add in several drops of baby oil
Mix thoroughly with a small spoon or stick
*Cover your hands in cornstarch and knead

Step 3

Roll the putty into a ball
Press in your item making sure it covers all the details
Let cure for about 20 minutes
Remove the object
Fill with 2 part plastics, Sculpey or air dry clay

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