Crafty Fox Plushie

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In the spirit of CraftFoxes, you can make this adorable felt fox plush. It's a perfect gift for a child, animal lover, or foxy friend.
parchment paper
black, white and orange felt
sewing thread
sewing needle
embroidery thread
embroidery needle

Step 1

Draw the fox onto parchment paper with a pencil.

Step 2

Transfer the pattern and cut shapes out of black, white, and orange felt. Cut an extra piece out of any color for the back.

Step 3

Arrange shapes as in the photograph. Sew in place using a straight stitch.

Step 4

Thread embroidery needle with embroidery thread. Use a backstitch to
create a mouth.

Step 5

Align back piece with front. Use a blanket stitch around the outside
edges to sew the front and back together. Leave a 1-inch opening along
the bottom.

Step 6

Stuff with fiberfill.

Step 7

Use a whip stitch along the bottom to sew it closed.
For a fun option, hot glue googly eyes on the fox instead of using felt.

Step 8

This pattern is excerpted with permission from "Craft-a-Day: 365 Simple Handmade Projects" by Sarah Goldschadt (Quirk Books).

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