Crepe Paper Flowers Bouquet

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Whether flowers have bloomed in your region, bring spring indoors with these crepe paper flowers. Make them in the color theme of a wedding, a birthday or graduation party, or any room in your home.
Here's a sneaky tip: dab the ends of the stems or petals with an essential oil blend to make them smell like real flowers!
1¾-inch (4.5-cm) wide crepe paper streamers
wired silk flower stems
double-sided adhesive tape

Step 1

Cut 10 heart shapes from crepe paper. Make sure the tops and bottoms of the hearts are cut along the crepe paper roll edges. This is for sizing purposes.

Step 2

Press both thumbs into the center of one heart. Pull gently with your thumbs to form a rounded petal shape. Repeat with the other hearts.

Step 3

Cut a 4-inch (10-cm) piece of crepe paper. Loosely fold it in half lengthwise. Place a ½-inch (1-cm) strip of tape at one end of a wire stem. Loosely roll the crepe paper around the stem to form the flower center. Pinch the base of the paper, and add more tape strips as you roll.

Step 4

Add a strip of tape around the base of the bud. Attach a petal, covering the base of the bud and squeezing the base of the petal to create a tight petal shape. Add another petal, positioned so it slightly overlaps the bud base and first petal. Continue attaching petals, one at a time, adding more tape as needed, pinching the base, and shaping the petals with your fingers.

Step 5

Cut off a 3-inch (8-cm) section of green crepe paper. Cut two leaf shapes out. Use your thumbs to form a concave shape in these too. Use tape to attach the leaves to the flower stem just under the petals.

Step 6

This tutorial is excerpted with permission from "Paper Artist: Creations Kids Can Fold, Tear, Wear, or Share" by Kara L. Laughlin and published by Craft It Yourself.

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    I’m going to use for my daughters outdoor wedding