Crochet Preemie Striped Christmas Hat

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What a cute preemie striped Christmas hat?! Just imagine how cute a little one would look in this hat! This hat is so basic it can be made for any time of the year in all different kinds of colors and look adorable! To get this free crochet pattern go here:

Step 1

This pattern is in American Crochet Terms
This pattern is for 1-3 lb preemie, 3-5 lb preemie, 6-8 lb preemie, 9-11 lb preemie
If you have any problems at all, please contact me. I will be happy to help!
Rows 1-3 is 1 1/2" radius
dc-double crochet
dcfp-double crochet front post
dcbp-double crochet back post
Extra soft worsted weight yarn
F crochet hook
Yarn Needle
Copy Rights
I have made this pattern completely on my own, using my skills. You may sell, use, and donate, what you make from this pattern. You may not sell, copy, rewrite, distribute this pattern in any way, or form. You may not use my photos for selling purposes in any way. You may share this pattern, by linking back to this post, and even sharing the picture! © 2014, Brie Firmingham. All rights reserved.

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