Cuddly Cat & Mouse Doll Costume

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Anya and Maria are ready to go on a shopping trip decked out in a cat and mouse scarf made from knee-high stockings. A matching cat purse finishes off this ensemble. You can make this project as funky or as refined as you’d like by changing the color of the socks you use to make the scarf. Go with neon colors for a playful look and solids or neutrals for something more classic.
- 2 pairs of funky knee-high socks*
- Felt to match socks
- Felt in gray, pink, lavendar, and purple
- Iron-on adhesive
- Yarn to match
- Six 1/4" (0.5cm) blue buttons
- Two 1/2" (10.5cm) blue buttons
- Polyester fiberfill stuffing
- Embroidery thread to match
- Embroidery needle
- Pins
- Scissors
- Marker
- Ruler or tape measure
- Sewing machine
- Thread to match
*You can use any color of knee-high socks. Just change the cat felt colors to match one of the colors in the socks. This way you can really personalize the scarf for the girl and her doll!

Source: , Design Originals-Sew Fun For Girls & Dolls: Ho...

Step 1

For girl scarf:
1 Prepare the socks. Cut off the toes from a pair of socks. Turn the sock inside out. Pinch the heel until there is no longer a bend in the sock. Pin and sew the heel in place as you would a dart, and then trim away the extra heel fabric. Repeat with the second sock.
2 Sew the socks together. Turn one sock right side out, and put it into the other sock so the right sides are facing. Pin the end of the tube with the unfinished edges together and stitch around the opening to join the socks.
3 Turn right side out. Turn the socks right side out. You will have a tube scarf!

Step 2

For doll scarf:
1 Trim the sock to size. Measure 9" (23cm) down from the cuff of one sock and cut off this section.
2 Form a rectangle. Cut the sock open along both of the long edges so you are left with two rectangles of fabric. Pin the pieces together with right sides facing along one short unfinished edge. Sew the pieces together along this edge.
3 Finish the scarf. Fold the fabric in half lengthwise so the right sides are facing. Sew along the long edge and turn right side out so you have a tube scarf.

Step 3

Adding the cat & mouse to the scarf:
1 Prepare the felt pieces. For each scarf cut two cat heads in a color that matches the scarf, two pink inner cat ears, two pink cheeks, one gray mouse, and two pink inner mouse ears from felt. Attach iron-on adhesive to all of the pieces except the cat heads and mice.
2 Heat set the necessary pieces. Heat set the cheeks and ears in place. Mark the location of the noses and other face details. The noses can be embroidered or heat set using pieces of felt. Sew button eyes onto the cat faces. Use French knots to make the mouse eyes.

Step 4

Adding the Cat & Mouse (cont'd):

3 Add the details and stitch in place. Embroider the face details on the cat and mouse. Sandwich one end of the scarf between the two cat head pieces. Whip stitch around the edges of the cat head pieces, leaving an opening for stuffing. When you come to the top of the ears and head, only stitch through the felt and one scarf layer. This means you will stitch the front of the cat head to the front layer of the scarf and the back of the cat head to the back layer of the scarf. Stitch the mouse to the front layer of the scarf on the other end, leaving an opening for stuffing. Using yarn, braid a tail for the mouse and stitch it in place between the layers of the scarf. Stitch the scarf closed on the mouse end.
4 Stuff, stitch, and finish. Stuff the cat and mouse on each scarf and stitch the openings closed.

Step 5

For the cat purse:
Enlarge the purse pattern at 200% for the doll and keep at 100% for the girl purse. From lavender felt or another color that matches the socks, cut the purse patterns and cat heads for each purse. Cut a piece from the sock (using the cuff as the top edge) that matches the size of the rectangular purse bottom for each purse. Attach iron-on adhesive to small pieces of pink and purple felt.
Using the pattern from Step 3, trace and cut the inner ear and cheek patterns from the pink and the nose patterns from the purple. Use the following enlargements:
Cat Purse
Cut 1
Pattern at 100% for doll
Enlarge 200% for girl
Cat Head
Cut 1 for purse
Enlarge 118% for doll purse
Enlarge 220% for girl purse
Inner Cat Ear
Cut 2
Enlarge 118% for doll purse
Enlarge 220% for girl purse

Cut 1
Enlarge 118% for doll purse
Enlarge 220% for girl purse
Cut 2
Enlarge 118% for doll purse
Enlarge 220% for girl purse
Cut 1
Pattern at 100% for doll
Enlarge 200% for girl
Inner Mouse Ear
Cut 2
Pattern at 100% for doll
Enlarge 200% for girl

Step 6

For each purse, line up the sock cuff with the top edge of the purse rectangle. Trim away any excess. If the sock piece does not have a cuff, create one by folding the top edge down 1/2" (1.5cm) and zigzag stitching it in place. Pin the sock pieces to the purse bottom with right sides facing. Stitch around the sides and bottom 1/4" (0.5cm) from the edge, clip the curves, and turn the purse right side out.

Step 7

Using the same method you did for the scarf, heat set the cheeks, inner ears, and noses to the cat faces. Embroider the mouth and whiskers, and sew on button eyes.
For each purse, pin the cat face to the circular purse flap. Hand stitch around the edges using a whip stitch, or zigzag stitch around the edges using a sewing machine. Leave an opening for stuffing. Lightly stuff the purse flap and sew the opening closed. Braid the strap from yarn and stitch the ends to the sides of the purse.

Step 8

Excerpted with permission from "Sew Fun for Girls & Dolls: Simply Stylish Projects for Coordinating Clothes & Accessories Perfect for 18" Dolls" by Ana Araujo, published by Design Originals.

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