Cute Origami Paper Tutorial: Love Notes

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Roses are red, violets are blue, love notes make me swoon, and so do you. Share a heartfelt note with someone you love and watch them blush! An easy tutorial on how to make an Origami love note within an envelope.
Modify this design into an invitation to your teenager's birthday party. If so, you'll need party favors, and these pinwheels will do just the trick. Grab a pack of gel pens to finish them. (Or maybe these are origami invitations and party favors for your party. Hey, no one is too old for gel pens.)
Square sheet of paper
Bone folder (optional)

Step 1

Here's your origami sheet. (Notice "love" becomes "note" when flipped upside down? Crafty. But don't worry if all you have is a plain sheet of paper. Design it yourself!)

Step 2

Flip the origami over so that the inside of the note is facing up. Fold in half so the lower point touches the upper point.

Step 3

Fold the left side in one-third of the way.

Step 4

Fold the right side in one-third of the way.

Step 5

Fold the top flap (the one you just folded over) to the right at the halfway point.

Step 6

Crease the flap you just folded diagonally. Unfold.

Step 7

Slip your finger between the layers of the top flap. Pinch the point indicated by the circle and bring it up to the arrow, squashing as you go, to form a diamond.

Step 8

See the diamond?

Step 9

To close the love note, tuck top corner into the opening of the seal.

Step 10

You're done!

Step 11

This pattern is excerpted with permission from Girligami: A Fresh, Fun, Fashionable Spin On Origami by Cindy Ng.

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