Decorate with Flair with Party Pom-Poms

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Draw your guests' eyes around the room with these pretty pom-poms. They'll add a color punch to any unused space.
Here's what you need:
- 1 package (8-10 sheets) tissue paper
- Fishing line
- Scissors

Step 1

Spread out tissue paper but leave the paper in the stack.

Step 2

Tie a loop of fishing line around the center of the tissue paper strip.

Step 3

Cut the ends of the tissue paper in a curved shape. You can also cut them like an arrow.

Step 4

Hold the tissue paper strip into the center and fan one side of the tissue paper. Gently pull the individual sheets of the tissue paper apart, towards the middle of the paper. Alternate sides so your pom-pom is even.

Step 5

Repeat on the other side. Fluff the pom-pom as needed.

Step 6

Here are some great variations:
- Layer different shades of tissue paper to create an ombre effect. For example, use dark pink, light pink and white.
- Dip the tips of the tissue paper into colored water and let them soak for a few minutes. Allow them to dry completely before fluffing.

Step 7

Now all you have to do is hang them and enjoy! Here are some suggestions:
- Hang at varying heights over the tablescape.
- Use a single color for a subtle effect.
- Mix up the shades for a more dramatic effect.
- Hang your pom-poms with a pretty ribbon or thin strips of tulle.
- Pile pom-poms together for a large and fluffy centerpiece.
- Glue mini pom-poms to toothpicks for a fun cupcake or drink topper.
- Bunch pom-poms together to create a chandelier.
- Add Chinese lanterns or balloons in contrasting colors.
- Make pom-poms of various sizes and string together vertically from largest to smallest.

Step 8

This tutorial is excerpted with permission from "Planning Perfect Parties: The Girls' Guide to Fun, Fresh, Unforgettable Events" by Jen Jones and published by Capstone Young Readers.

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