Dinosaur Toy Planter

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  • Cut an opening of at least 2-inches by 2-inches on the top of the creature. Do this with a Dremel tool (preferred) or, depending on the hardness of the toy, you may be able to do it with a sturdy craft knife.  
  • Depending on the size of the toy, and what parts of the body are hollow, you may want to block off a part so water doesn't get trapped, despite the drainage holes. I used some Dollar Store modeling clay to keep water out of the tails.  
  • Sand the edges.  
  • Empty out the body of any dustings and clean it well.  
  • Give your creature some punch with spray paint!  
  • Pop in your plant, (succulents are best because they don't mind tight spaces,) top it off with fresh soil, give it a little water, and enjoy!

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