Dish Towel Apron

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This free sewing pattern for a dish towel apron was adapted with permission from "D.I.Y.: Kids" (Princeton Architectural Press).
This is a great sewing project for beginners. Because a dish towel already has finished edges, there is very little sewing required to make this stylish and functional apron.

Source: , D.I.Y.: Kids (9781568987071): Ellen Lupton, Ju...

Step 1

Lay the towel flat.

Step 2

Trim off two corners from the top.

Step 3

To make pockets, fold up bottom and stitch up sides. Stitch two lines in the middle to divide section into three pockets.

Step 4

To make ties, cut two lengths of grosgrain ribbon (about 50 inches each). Pin along each angled edge so that a piece hangs out at the top and the middle on each side. Sew along the edge.

Step 5

Published with Permission from "D.I.Y.: Kids" (Princeton Architectural Press).

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