DIY Christmas Table Centrepiece

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This is a fairly easy project for beginners (such as me). It is not expensive and doesn't require any particular skills. The purpose of it is to create a pleasant centrepiece. It's not always easy to decorate a Christmas table, especially if you are the host every year. If you want to add diversity and change something this time, try project.

Step 1

Get all your items ready. You will need a glass, white cardboard, craft scisssors, glue, glitter, conifer cone, baking soda & salt (for the fake snow).

Step 2

Decorate your conifer cone with glitter - I picked green as it is Christmasy and fresh. Also my table cloth is a pale green-ish.

Step 3

Fill the glass with a mixture of baking soda and salt. They will act as your fake snow.

Step 4

Cut out a piece of the cardboard as wide as your glass. Attach the decorated conifer cone and glue it to the glass.

Step 5

Voilà! Let it dry now.

Step 6

This is your ready table centrepiece!
Credits: Move Out Mates

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