DIY Felt Flower Headdress

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I've seen a ton of flower headdresses around, but I wanted to make one that was quick to make, cartoony and an easy accessory for kids (and me) to dress up in. I think this one works quite well for all of those things, and I pretty much love it. If you want it to seem a little more grown-up, you can paint some shading on the petals to give them a little more definition.

Step 1

Fold a small piece of paper in half and draw this heart shape in the folded corner. You're going to need a clover shape like this when you open it out. Cut this shape out of felt.

Step 2

Cut out two of your clover shapes and pile them on top of each other. Sew a few stitches in the middle of your felt pieces.

Step 3

Take one petal and roll it up like this to form the center of the rose.

Step 4

Now take the opposite petal and wrap it around the central curled petal, put a few stitches at the base to secure it.

Step 5

Wrap the two remaining petals around the center and secure with stitches.

Step 6

Now continue wrapping petals until your rose is complete and secured with stitches.

Step 7

Now assemble your goodies. You're going to need around 7-8 roses and then also some leaf shapes cut out of green felt.

Step 8

To attach your rose to your headband simply sew a stitch through the bottom of your rose and round the headband. Sew this over and over until your rose feels strong.

Step 9

Add a few leaves on either side of each rose to bulk out your headband.

Step 10

Continue until your headband is finished and you're done!

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