DIY Octopus Paper Craft

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If you're looking for a fun and creative crafting project, why not join us in making your very own Mr Colourful Octopus using the mesmerizing Doodledash technique?
This delightful DIY activity combines -
Doodledash Holographic Cards
Doodledash Pastel Cards
Doodledash Silver Cards
Basic supplies like glue and scissors.
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Step 1

Take a blue sheet and sketch out an octopus.

Step 2

Adding Holographic Strips
Now, take the captivating Doodledash Holographic Cards and cut strips measuring approximately 1/2 inch in width. These strips are available in both pink and blue shades. Apply these strips creatively around the edges of the octopus, forming a vivid and eye-catching border. The accompanying visual guide will assist you in creating this lively arrangement.

Step 3

Crafting the Octopus Legs
Make a strip of 1/4"(width) 3"(length) for the legs of the octopus in pink and blue card.

Step 4

Assembling the Legs
This step invites your creativity to shine. Begin rolling the strips, alternating between the pink and blue colors. This alternating pattern adds a touch of whimsy and vibrancy to the legs. The accompanying visual guide will assist you in creating this lively arrangement.

Step 5

Attaching the Legs
Using transparent glue tape, carefully affix the rolled legs to the underside of the octopus. This technique imparts a delightful three-dimensional quality to the octopus.

Step 6

Crafting the Eyes
For the eyes, select a Doodledash Silver Card. Fold the card and cut out two oval shapes. These will serve as the eyes of our colorful octopus creation.

Step 7

Adding the Final Touches
With the eyes prepared, it's time to breathe life into our octopus. Apply glue to the back of the silver ovals and affix them onto the body of the octopus. This step introduces a charming and expressive element to our craft.
And there you have it - your very own Mr. Colorful Octopus, crafted with care and creativity.
For a comprehensive visual guide, watch the step-by-step video above that demonstrates each of these crafting stages in detail.

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