DIY Shoe Refashion Using Fabric

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This DIY shoe refashion is for all you Choo addicts out there. It's a simple and fun technique to transform a pair of old shoes or cheap heels using fabric. It is easy for all and totally addictive.
covers 1 pair of shoes
- Pair of shoes with patent or plastic coating
- 6 sheets of computer paper (large enough to trace shoe)
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Fabric scissors
- 50cm square of fabric
- Paintbrush
- PVA glue
- Canvas varnish spray
- Trims, bows, ribbon and buttons to decorate

Source: ,Girls' Night In: Hannah Read-Baldrey: 9781849492652: Amazo...

Step 1

Make a Pattern:
You will need to make new pattern pieces for each pair of shoes. Make sure your shoes are clean, dry and all stickers are removed.
Lay your first shoe on its side on top of a sheet of paper. Using a pencil, draw around the outside edge. As you draw, you will need to roll the shoe back so that you incorporate the top of the heel and roll forward to ensure you get as much of the toe as possible. Cut out. Repeat with the other side of the shoe.
To make the toe pattern, lay half a piece of paper over the toe and scrunch it over the tip. Snip around the inner curve of the shoe and fold in. Cut out. Repeat for the second shoe.
Pin these pattern pieces to the fabric and cut out, adding an extra 1.5cm along the top edges of the shoe pattern (this will be folded into the inside of the shoe to create a flush edge). Make small notches in the seam allowance of the toe piece along the curve.

Step 2

Starting on one side of the shoe, use a paintbrush to coat the side in slightly watered down PVA glue. Place the fabric over the shoe and paint the PVA over the top. Pull into place, the fabric should match up with the bottom seam and the seam allowance should fold over the top. Repeat on the other side and the toe.

Step 3

To decorate the heel, cut the remaining fabric into small strips, about 1cm x 4cm. Coat the heal with PVA and add strips of fabric. Make sure you don't leave any gaps.

Step 4

Repeat this method with the second shoe and leave both to dry.
Once dry, spray with varnish and again leave to dry.
Use a glue gun to decorate with your chosen accessories – I have attached a bow to the front of my shoes.

Step 5

This DIY shoe refashion is excerpted with permission from "Girls' Night In" by Hannah Read-Baldrey, published by Quadrille Publishing.

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