DIY Succulents: Terrarium Necklace

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You can bring a miniature living succulent with you wherever you go when you have a terrarium necklace. It’s like a delightful little ecosystem around your neck. You can find the type of vial with a hook top in the jewelry section of most craft stores. This necklace makes a lovely gift for anyone who loves to garden.
What You Need
- Glass vial, approximately 2", with hook top
- Necklace Chain of your choice
- Sand
- Activated Charcoal
- Soil
- Moss
- Baby Succulent
- Tweezers
- Pliers

Step 1

Begin by adding four layers to your glass vial. Just as with a full-sized terrarium, these base layers will serve a purpose (assisting with drainage) while adding interest to your necklace. Add your sand, activated charcoal, soil, and moss, in that order.

Step 2

Use your tweezers to slide your plant into the vial. Try to hold your plant by the stem if the opening of the vial is big enough. You will need to wiggle the stem through the moss and into the soil. Make sure to choose a plant that is small enough to fit through the opening, but big enough to make a statement. The tiny succulent should be the focal point of the necklace.

Step 3

Attach your necklace chain to your glass vial. I purchased a vial that already had a ring or “jump chain” attached. All I had to do was use my pliers to open the ring, wrap it around the necklace chain, and then squeeze the ring closed again.

Step 4

Care Instructions
Water your baby succulent every couple of days (or when you notice the soil is dry) with a few drops of water. Succulents don’t like humidity or sitting in water, so if you notice condensation in your vial, open it up and let it air out. Make sure to keep your necklace out of direct sunlight to avoid burning your baby plant.

Step 5

Excerpted from "DIY Succulents: From Placecards to Wreaths, 35+ Ideas for Creative Projects with Succulents" Copyright © 2015 by Tawni Daigle and published by F+W Media, Inc. Used by permission of the publisher. All rights reserved. Photography by Tawni Daigle.

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