CardBoard Box Dollhouse

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Create the dollhouse of your dreams with some scrapbook paper and a cardboard box! You can get as creative as you want with the rooms in this house. Furniture, rugs, and pictures give your dollhouse the perfect look! Once you’ve finished, you’ll be tempted to move in!
Reprinted with Permission from DIY Box Creations: Fun and creative projects to make out of REALLY BIG BOXES!

Step 1

Supply List
Cardboard box (16" x 16" x 15")
Roll of painters’ tape
2 glue sticks
Craft glue
Hot glue gun
Crafting knife
Cutting mat
Standard size circle punch
4 push pins
Fine-tip, black permanent marker
2 small, plastic beads
White spray paint
4 sheets of 12" x 12" patterned scrapbook paper (two with the same pattern for interior walls)
20–23 sheets of 8½" x 11½ card stock for siding and inside molding (your choice of color)
4 sheets of 12" x 12" card stock for roof shingles (your choice of color)
Sheet of 12" x 12" card stock for door and inside molding (your choice of color)
Sheet of 12" x 12" card stock for outside molding
4 sheets of 8½" x 11" wood scrapbook paper for flooring

Step 2

To create the top of the dollhouse, cut off two opposing flaps from the top of the box. Next use a marker to draw triangles on the remaining two flaps. Cut along the line with a crafting knife. Now cut off two opposing flaps from the bottom of the box, and tape the remaining two flaps together to create the bottom floor.

Step 3

2 Draw the opening of the dollhouse, leaving a 1" edge on the sides and bottom of the box, and cut it out. Paint the interior by spraying at least three coats of white paint all the way to the top of each wall.
Let each coat dry for 10 minutes and the final coat for at least 1 hour before handling.

Step 4

To make the wallpaper, cut two sheets of patterned scrapbook paper to 8" x 8". Then cut the two remaining sheets to 8" x 12". Take the two 8" x 12" sheets and glue them to the bottom of the back interior wall (these sheets will over­lap to cover the entire width of the cardboard). If needed, trim off any excess. Next glue the 8" x 8" sheets to the upper left and upper right portions of the same wall.

Step 5

Next cut two strips of white card stock to 1" x 11" and four more strips to ½" x 11". Glue the two 1" x 11" strips to the middle of the back interior wall (the horizontal, bare space in between the wallpaper). Glue the remaining ½" x 11" strips to the top and bottom of the back interior wall.

Step 6

Now it’s time to create the door and windows! Draw and cut the front door of the dollhouse onto the back interior wall (it should measure 3" x 4½"). Make sure to leave the right side untouched so you can swing the door open. Next cut out the windows with a crafting knife.

Step 7

For the floor supports, cut twenty-four 1" x 1" x 1½" triangles from a cardboard scrap (don’t use a full flap, as you’ll need them later). Take three triangles, and glue them together. Perform this step seven more times, making eight thick triangles in total. Hot glue the triangles to each floor (evenly spaced and four per floor).

Step 8

Next take the four sheets of floor scrapbook paper, and glue them to the bottom of the box with a glue stick. Start in one corner and work your way around in a clockwise pattern.

Step 9

Now let’s create the upper floors. Grab two 16" x 8" cardboard flaps, and spray at least three coats of white paint on them. Let each coat dry for at least 10 minutes, then set them aside. For the wall partition, take another 16" x 8" cardboard flap, and draw a slanted line at the bottom to create a 1" tall triangle shape. Cut off the triangle. Next cut a 4" horizontal line directly above the shorter side of the edge you just cut.

Step 10

9 Measure 7½" from the top of your newly created slit (from step 8), and draw a horizontal line across the flap. Use a crafting knife to cut along the line and remove the top portion. Next spray both sides of your wall partition with three coats of white paint, letting each dry for at least 10 minutes. Finally, cut a 4" slit in the center of one of the upper floors (from step 8). Set everything aside.

Step 11

To create the siding, cut 15 sheets of card stock into 1" wide strips. Starting from the bottom, attach the strips to the exterior of the dollhouse with a glue stick. Be sure to glue one row at a time. Repeat this step until the cardboard is completely covered. Now cut the excess card stock from the windows and the edges of the house with your crafting knife.

Step 12

To make the windowpanes, cut strips of white card stock that are ¼" wide and ½" longer than the windows. With craft glue, attach each strip to the window. Next create your inner and outer window moldings by cutting ½" wide strips of card stock with a crafting knife (from your chosen colors). The length of each strip should be 1" longer than the edges of the window. Attach each molding with a glue stick.

Step 13

12 Create your inner and outer door moldings by cutting ½" wide strips of card stock with a crafting knife. The molding for the top of the door should be 4" long, and the moldings for the sides of the door should be 5" long. Next attach the moldings with a glue stick. Use hot glue to attach two small beads to the interior and exterior of the door for knobs.

Step 14

Piece together the second floor and wall partition (from step 9). Then hot glue the two upper floors to each floor support. You can add hot glue to the top of the wall partition, as well as the side touching the back wall for additional support.

Step 15

To make the roof, locate the large cardboard scrap from step 2 and your last remaining box flap. Tape them together, placing painters’ tape on both the front and back. Cut the cardboard to 17" x 12½" with your crafting knife, then attach two sheets of card stock to the backside of the roof with a glue stick. Finally, use your crafting knife to cut off any excess.

Step 16

For the roof shingles, use the circle punch to cut 1¼" circles (about 240) from four sheets of 12" x 12" card stock (of your chosen color). Next use craft glue to attach them to the top of your roof, starting from the bottom left and moving right, gluing a single row at a time. Repeat until the entire roof is covered. Once your shingles are dry and in place, flip your roof over, place it on a cutting mat, and use a crafting knife to cut a straight line down the left, top, and right edges. Be sure to keep the bottom edge for that pretty scalloped effect.

Step 17

Line up the top edge of the roof using two pushpins to ensure it’s even. Hot glue (a line about 3" long) the top and bottom corners of the roof to the dollhouse, and hold firmly for a strong bond.

Step 18

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