Drawing Fashion Designs

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Clothes are more than pieces of fabric used for warmth. Societies around the world and throughout history have used clothing as a statement. Clothing is also used to express the customs and culture of local people. Check out these simple tips on how to draw your designs on models before you sew them. This is a great exercise for both adults and children.

Step 1

Start with a simple line drawing. Pick your favorite pose and use light guidelines to build your model.

Step 2

Darken the outlines and start adding in details like hemlines and hand placements.

Step 3

Erase guidelines and draw in things such as fabric prints, hair, facial features, and accessories.

Step 4

Finish any final details and then add in color, textures, and shading to bring your model to life.

Step 5

Follow these tips for a fun fashion experience:
- Sketching allows you to make any major changes before adding color or details. Ink pens will give your sketches a more finished look.
- Experiment with different art mediums. Marker and colored pencil are fun, but don’t forget about watercolor paints and pencils, pastels, permanent markers, and charcoals.
- Give digital art a try. There are many free or inexpensive apps for smartphones or tablets.
- Adding 3-D effects, such as glue, glitter, rhinestones, and collage, will help your art pop.
- Use what you draw! Hold an art show to show off your pieces. Or, better yet, bring your outfits to life and have a fashion show time with your friends.

Step 6

This tutorial is excerpted with permission from "Fashion Drawing Studio: A Guide to Sketching Stylish Fashions (Drawing Fun Fashions)" by Marissa Bolte and published by Craft It Yourself.

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