Duct Tape Bow Tie

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A bow tie is really in how you wear it, so let’s signal funky and fun with this one-of-a-kind duct tape tie. Don’t worry about all that complicated tying of bat wings and butterflies; this bow tie is prêt-à-porter. With the addition of hair elastics or bobby pins, your new bow can even be used as a hair or shoe accessory! So go ahead — tie one (or two) on.
- Sheet
- Strap

Step 1

Make a 9" x 2" sheet from three pieces of tape folded over for the bow and a 2 1/2" x 1" strap for the tie.

Step 2

Roll the sheet into a circle and tape the two ends together on both sides.

Step 3

Flatten the circle with the seam in the middle underneath. At this stage, it’s easier to decorate the bow before applying the tie, so have at it and add stripes, dots, squares of different colored duct tape. Pinch the flattened bow from the top and bottom to create a dent or recess in the middle along its front.

Step 4

Take the strap and wrap it around the center of the bow where you have it pinched. Pulling it tightly around the bow, tape the strap ends together on both sides with a folded over piece of tape.

Step 5

To don your new tie, make a thin strap that fits around your shirt collar and feed it behind the middle strap. Clip-ons are optional.

Step 6

This project is reprinted with permission from "The Duct Tape Book" by Jolie Dobson and published by Firefly Books.

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