Duct Tape Crafts — Leopard Mask

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For unique duct tape crafts, consider making a leopard mask. This craft project is an easy craft for kids, but the duct tape element while entice even world-weary teens.
- Leopard print duct tape
- Black duct tape
- White grease pencil
- Cardboard
- Craft knife

Source: ,Tape It & Make It: 101 Duct Tape Activities: Richela Fabia...

Step 1

Make a double-sided layered duct tape fabric 8-1/2-inches wide by 4-1/2-inches high, with one side leopard print and the other black.
Trace a mask template onto the fabric with a white grease pencil and cut out the shape. Save the elliptical pieces from inside the eye-holes, but discard the rest.

Step 2

Place the mask template on top of the cut-out fabric upside down so that the notch for the nose is on top of the mask's forehead. Trace this notch onto the mask and cut along this line with a craft knife.

Step 3

Cut off the bottom third of each of the two elliptical pieces and affix one to each side of the mask's top edge on the reverse, using small strips of black duct tape. These are the ears.

Step 4

This mask is excerpted with permission from "Tape It & Make It: 101 Duct Tape Activities" by Richela Fabian Morgan and published by Barron's Educational Series.

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