Duct Tape Crafts — Rolled Beads Necklace

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Duct tape crafts have been popular for quite some time, but the newest colors of duct tape ensure that the creative possibilities are really endless. Wear your love of all things Duck Tape around your neck with this advanced duct tape craft from Duck Brand. The duct tape necklace is suitable for intermediate to advanced duct tape crafters.
- Duck Tape® brand duct tape (Lime Green, Green, White, Gold)
- Hobby knife
- Scissors
- Cocktail stirring straws
- Cutting board
- Ruler
- Elastic string
Approximate Crafting Time: 1 Hour

Step 1

Cut a strip of the Duck Tape® approximately 8 inches. Face the sticky side to cutting board and, with the ruler and hobby knife, cut 6-8 strips of angled tape. The large end should be no longer than a half-inch, the other end should taper down to a fine point. Repeat this step for each color.

Step 2

Take your straw and attach the large end of the tape base. Slowly roll the strip of tape over the straw, keeping the strip centered on itself when rolling. This creates your bead.

Step 3

Once you fill your straw with beads, cut them off one at a time. While cutting, keep your scissors up against the edge of the bead so none of the straw shows through. Repeat this for every bead you make.

Step 4

Measure (or just eyeball), the length of elastic you'll need and cut to the length that will fit your neck comfortably. At one end of the elastic band, attach a small piece of tape. This is to prevent beads from falling off the band when stringing them from the other end. Now string your beads one by one until the necklace is full. Once all of your beads are in place, cut off any extra elastic and tie both ends together in a knot.

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