Easy Crafts for Kids

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Looking for some fun and creative activities for your kids that don’t involve computer and TV screens? What better way to spark their imagination than with a couple of fun and easy DIY projects? Great for nurturing their creative spirit, these four craft ideas are sure to keep them entertained at home. Take a look!

Step 1

Cherry blossom tissue paper craft

The first idea on the list is the perfect spring craft as it involves a tree that blooms in spring. This craft idea can really brighten up a cold, winter day, and it is as simple as it can be. For this project, you’ll need a piece of paper, preferably one that comes in A4 format because of the paper blossoms’ size, although you could make it as big or small as you like and then just cut the paper blossoms into smaller pieces. You’ll also need a plate, paper glue, and pink tissues. Cut the paper tissue into smaller pieces (approximately 2"x2") and pour your glue into the plate you’ve prepared. Start by drawing the branches on the paper, and then simply form cherry blossom flowers by smooshing the pink squares, dip them in glue and attach to your branches, and voila – you’ve got some lovely wall art you can adorn your kitchen with.

Step 2

Cactus pet rocks craft

This easy craft project is again connected with nature, and it is so fun and cute that we’re sure your kids will enjoy it. Pet rocks are something many parents remember having when they were little, but if you didn’t have one, don’t worry – they’re pretty easy to make, and you probably won’t stop at one! For this project, you’ll need to get a couple of rocks and small terra cotta pots that fit those stones. You’ll also need some glue, green and white acrylic paint, and some googly eyes for your cacti. Clean your rocks, paint them in green, and then use white to add patterns (dots, lines, stars...). Finally, glue on the googly eyes on your painted cactus rocks and use them to decorate your kitchen shelves, your front porch, or your windows.

Step 3

Doodled prints craft

This next DIY project is a great way to have some fun and also breathe life into plain, ordinary pieces and garments. For this fun craft idea, you’ll need The 3Doodler pen to draw the desired shapes, some stencils you like, paint which you can apply to fabric, and a garment you’d like to add the print to (you can use a T-shirt or a canvas bag. First, you’re going to print out the stencils, and then use them to draw the shape with your 3D pen. Doodle and create a stamp, and then dip it into the fabric paint you’ve prepared. Carefully transfer the print to the garment of your choice, and then wait until the paint on the garment fully dries. Enjoy your personalized T-shirt or tote bag!

Step 4

Rain cloud and sun paper craft

Another nature-inspired craft idea for your little ones, rain cloud and sun paper craft is a fun and easy idea that perfectly captures the weather in spring. First, you’ll need to get some paper plates (if you’ve got some birthday paper plates left over, they’ll do the trick). Prepare white and blue papers, yellow paint, glue, clear tape, white/blue yarn, and cotton balls. Let’s start with the rain cloud – use white paper to cut out the cloud, and use the blue one for the raindrops. Cut several strings of your yarn, and use clear tape to attach the yarn on the back of the cloud, and do the same with your raindrops. Now, the next step is to create your sun. Paint the plate yellow, and cut out the shape so it looks like a sun with rays. Glue the sun behind the cloud. Last but not least, stick cotton balls to your cloud so it looks perfectly fluffy – just like a real one! Display it on your kids’ bedroom wall to freshen up their play area.

Step 5

Parting words

There you go – four lovely craft ideas your kids can easily make. Use them as inspiration to teach your kids how to create their own little works of art, and be sure to try all of them and have some fun together as a family!

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