Easy Knit Slippers (Free Knitting Project)

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Knit yourself a pair of comfy and easy ballet slippers with this how-to courtesy of Knit Outta the Box. Knit Slippers make a great gift for yourself or a loved one.
SIZE: One size fits most
KB sifa silver cotton- 2 balls
US #8 (5mm) knitting needle
Darning needle
5.5st/in, 11rw/in in garter stitch
NOTE: when slipping a stitch, be sure to slip as if to purl.

Step 1

Cast on 37 sts, leaving a 12" tail to use later when sewing back heel seam.
R1: *Knit across to the last 3 sts, bring the yarn forward between the two needles, sl3, turn. Repeat from * until the piece measures 8".

Step 2

R1: (dec row) *K2tog, K1. Repeat from * across, ending with K2tog. (24 sts)
R2: Knit across
R3: (dec row) *K2tog. Repeat from * across. (12 sts)

Step 3

Cut yarn, leaving a 24" tail. Thread yarn onto tapestry needle and pull through remaining 12 sts. Draw up tightly to secure. Use the same yarn and needle to sew a 2" seam from toe along the top of slipper. Secure yarn by weaving through several stitches then cut. Fold slipper in half lengthwise and sew the two heel edges together to close slipper. Weave two 24" pieces of yarn around the slipper opening and tie in a bow.

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  • by angela.hooker.1804
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    I'm trying to make the easy knit slippers. I did the cast on and row 1. I don't understand the sl3 or should I say what I do with them after I slip them. Please help me ASAP!

    • by londonlisa
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      You are slipping 3 stitches, you are simply moving them form one needle to the other without working them, after they are slipped from the left to right needle, simply turn and continue with the pattern, the slipped stitches will cause a gathered edge which will roll the slipper into its shape when it is finished.