Easy Origami: Fish Base

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The Fish Base is a common starting point for many easy origami projects, including the Lucky Frog origami.

Step 1

Start with the Kite Base. Unfold.

Step 2

Fold both sides to the center, forming a point at the top. Unfold.

Step 3

Fold in half, bottom to top. Unfold.

Step 4

Pinch the left and right sides and collapse to the center along the diagonal fold lines. Fold the flaps up.

Step 5

Here is another view of step 4.

Step 6

This is the finished fish base.

Step 7

This origami fish base how-to is excerpted with permission from "Crease and Fold: Innovative Origami Projects Anyone Can Make" by Suk Song, published by Potter Craft.

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