Easy Origami Swan

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Origami is one of the cheaper forms of arts and crafts any child or individual can learn, though certainly not always the easiest. This origami swan is of low difficulty but does require some precise creasing of paper. Use a bone folder if you're uncomfortable using your fingernails.
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Step 1

Book fold a kite base.

Step 2

Fold along the dotted line to prepare an inside-reverse fold.

Step 3

Inside-reverse fold.

Step 4

Fold the neck and tail inward.

Step 5

Outside-reverse fold the neck.

Step 6

Outside-reverse fold the head forward. Fold beak.

Step 7

You're done!

Step 8

This origami pattern is excerpted with permission from "Easy Origami Fold-a-Day 2014 Calendar" by Jeff Cole (Accord Publishing).

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