Easy Sewing for Kids — Owl Hand Warmer

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An owl craft hand warmer makes an easy sewing for kids project. Felt, a forgiving beginner fabric, hides misplaced stitches and undone needle holes. Fill the square pillow with rice and toss the hand warmer in the microwave before the tiny hands head to the bus stop for those still-cold mornings. Kids will take even more pride in the craft having made it themselves.
- Pattern for Owl Craft Gadget Sleeve
- Pencil
- Parchment paper
- Scissors
- Felt in 3 colors
- Embroidery thread
- Embroidery needle
- Rice

Source: Owl Crafts — Gadget Sleeve - Craftfoxes

Step 1

Use the "Owl Craft: Gadget Sleeve" pattern and trace Figure 1 onto parchment paper. Transfer pattern to main felt color and cut two shapes. Cut out the face and beak from the two contrasting felt colors. Arrange the pieces and pin with a sewing pin.

Step 2

Hand-stitch the beak to the face felt. Stitch on the eyes and then sew the completed face to one of the main color felt pieces. Next, sew the two body pieces together using a blanket stitch. Leave at least one side open to allow for the rice filling.

Step 3

Pour rice into the opening, and stitch closed.

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