Easy Woodworking Projects — Farmhouse Bench

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A simple wood bench with a few pretty details will bring character and charm to any space. With this farmhouse bench, we’ve created economical and attractive seating for a farmhouse table. But this bench could also work at the foot of a bed, as a spot to sit and remove boots in the entryway, or even as a coffee table. It is an easy woodworking project that is simple to build, yet sturdy and strong. It makes the perfect beginner project. The only power tools you must have are a jigsaw and a finish nailer.
Shopping List:
- 2 8'-long 1x12s
- 2 8'-long 1x2s
- 2 8'-long 1x3s
- Wood glue
- 2" finish nails
- Finishing supplies
- Basic hand tools
- Jigsaw
- Circular saw
- Finish nailer
Cutting List:
- 2 17¼"-long 1x12s (sides)
- 1 52"-long 1x12 (bottom shelf)
- 1 59½"-long 1x12 (bench top)
- 2 59½"-long 1x3s (top trim)
- 2 15½"-long 1x2s (side trim)
- 1 50½"-long 1x2 (bottom shelf trim)

Source: ,The Handbuilt Home: 34 Simple Stylish and Budget-Friendly ...

Step 1

Cutting Ends
A few pretty details can add considerable charm to a basic bench. Mark the boards cut for the sides as shown in the diagram, and carefully cut them out with a jigsaw.

Step 2

Bottom Shelf
On both of the sides, measure 4" (10cm) up from the bottom and mark. Use your speed square to draw a line. Attach the bottom shelf to the sides with wood glue and 2" (5cm) finish nails, using the line as a guide, even with the bottom of the shelf. Use glue on all joints.

Step 3

Bench Top
Mark the underside of the bench top 3" (7.5cm) from the outside edge on both ends. Apply wood glue to the tops of the legs. Position the bench top on the legs, matching marks for overhangs. Nail the bench top to the legs with 2" (5cm) finish nails.

Step 4

Top Trim Ends
Using the diagram to guide you, create a pattern for the ends of the top trim. Cut out with a jigsaw, and use this pattern to cut decorative ends on the bench side top trim. After cutting, sand the edges until smooth.

Step 5

Attaching Top Trim
Apply glue to the edge of the top and 2" (5cm) down the legs. With tops and ends flush, nail the top trim to the sides of the bench with 2" (5cm) nails.

Step 6

Side Trim
Apply glue to the exposed edges of legs and ¾" (2cm) in on the bottom shelf. Nail the leg trim to the legs with 2" (5cm) nails, keeping outside edges flush. Also nail the trim to the bottom shelf for increased strength and support.

Step 7

Bottom Shelf Trim
Check to make sure the bottom shelf trim fits well, trimming if necessary. Remove and apply glue along edge of bottom shelf. With top edges flush, attach bottom shelf trim to bottom shelf with 2" (5cm) nails. Add two nails per end through the outside of the leg trim into the end grain of the bottom shelf trim.

Step 8

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