Embroidered Wool Scarf with Feather Stitching

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Use a little feather embroidery to upgrade a plain wool scarf into something Maria might wear in "The Sound of Music" as she hikes, ruddy-cheeked through the Alps. The results look great from both sides of the scarf, so you don't have to worry about how you wrap it. And it's so easy and quick, you can whip up a batch for holiday gifts. Try embellishing a hat and then find the nearest mountaintop and start yodeling!

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Step 1

Draw the stitch guides on the scarf
1. Use the fabric marker and ruler to draw guidelines on the scarf. Draw a line 1/2 inch from each long edge. Draw a second, parallel line 1/2 inch from the first. If the ink disappears as you're stitching, reapply the lines and continue to embroider.

Step 2

Stitching the Scarf
2. Following the drawn lines, use 1 strand of dark brown tapestry wool and the chenille needle to embroider feather stitches along the long edges of the scarf. Note: If you want the feather stitches on both edges to run in the same direction, start stitching each edge from the same end of the scarf.

Step 3

  • Finish the tops of the feather stitches with straight stitches made with 1 strand of bright red tapestry wool. The feather stitching on the back of the scarf will look like herringbone stitches.
  • Step 4

    The straight stitches will look like herringbone stitch on the back of the scarf. (The feather stitches will be obscured.)

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