Felt Leaf Wreath

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Excerpted with permission from Boho Felt Crafts: 35 Colorful Projects for Gifts, Decorations, Faux Flowers and Succulents, and Much More.
Simple yet effective, this felt leaf wreath would look lovely on a chalkboard wall or above your mantel. Make one in colors to celebrate the season or a festive holiday, or pick accent colors for a pop in the room.
Tracing paper
Pencil White card 1 x 9in (23cm)
square of wool-mix felt in each of purple
dusky pink and lilac Fading fabric
Dusky pink polyester
sewing thread
Sewing needle 30 x 6in (15cm)
white pipe cleaners
Fabric glue
Artist’s paintbrush or glue spreader

Step 1

Trace the template onto card and cut it out. Using the fading fabric marker, draw around the template 12 times onto each color of felt. Cut out all 48 leaves.

Step 2

Using the needle and thread, sew a few over stitches through the bottom tip of each leaf to make them three-dimensional.

Step 3

Place pipe cleaners into groups of three and tightly twist them together. Make six sections this way, then twist sections together at the ends to form a ring shape.

Step 4

Arrange 12 single pipe cleaners evenly around the ring. Join them on by twisting the ends around the ring.

Step 5

Place a felt leaf between each single pipe cleaner (refer to the photograph for the color sequence). Attach the stitched bottom tip of each leaf to the ring using fabric glue.

Step 6

Arrange 12 felt leaves around the pipe cleaner ring, making sure the stitched tips overlap the flat tips, and attach them with fabric glue.

Step 7

Slip the stitched tip of a felt leaf under the ring of leaves to sit at the base of each single pipe cleaner. Attach the stitched tips using fabric glue.

Step 8

Arrange the last batch of leaves so that they sit on top of the single pipe cleaners with the stitched tip under the flat tip of the leaves above. Attach the flat and stitched tips using fabric glue. Finally, go back to the leaves attached in Step 7 and glue the flat tips down to the leaves they overlap.

Step 9

Beautifully hand felted leaf.
Sewing felt, Gluing felt

Step 10

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