Rustic Chic Flower Girl Crown

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Every little girl loves to play dress-up, and today is your flower girl’s day to go all-out; she will feel like royalty walking down the aisle in her angelic crown. While I have chosen an array of large blooming roses and mini daisies, you can use any flowers that match your décor.
Excerpted with permission from Rustic Chic Wedding: 55 Projects for Crafting Your Own Wedding Style

Step 1

Supply List
6 strands grapevine garland
Wire cutters
White floral tape
Off-white felt
Silk flowers to adorn the crown (3 white roses, 2 pink roses, 5 bunches of mini daisies, 4 sprigs of pink wax flowers)
Hot glue gun

Step 2

Step One: Measure the circumference of your flower girl’s head and use the wire cutters to cut your grapevine garland 2 inches short of this length.

Step 3

Step Two: Sort your grapevines so the cut pieces are free of sharp edges and all pieces are long and easily manageable. Remove any pointy and thick pieces, keeping only the thinner bendable ones. Tape the edges of your crown with floral tape.

Step 4

Step Three: Cut your felt into round circles. Glue these felt circles to the back of each of your flowers. These felt backings will give each flower a nice flat surface and a more workable area to glue.

Step 5

Step Four: Create a main focal point with your largest blooming rose and work outward from the middle. Arrange your flowers along the crown until you are pleased with their placement. Glue each rose onto the crown.

Step 6

Step Five: Add your daisy clusters to the top of the crown and glue them into place. On both sides of the roses glue a few wax flowers into place for balance.

Step 7

Step Six: Complete the crown by wrapping each end in lace leaving at least 12 inches on both sides so you can snugly tie the crown into a bow.

Step 8

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