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Make this unique origami to decorate a Christmas tree or to keep a secret note.
Decorative paper
Art knife
1⁄8" Satin ribbon

Source: Origami Papercrafting | Design Originals

Step 1

Fold 4" square in half on the diagonal to form triangle. Unfold.
Valley fold up, fold the other 2 corners together on the diagonal. Unfold.
With valley fold side up, fold in half.
Place on table with folded edge at the top.
From center point, fold right side of folded edge down to meet mountain fold. Repeat on left side.
Unfold entire square. Reverse folds to make the pattern between the diagonal valley folds to be: peak, valley, peak.
Fold and collapse into a triangle. Place on table with open side of triangle at the top.
Fold the right corner of the top layer to the center and crease. Fold that tip back to the fold you just made.
Repeat step 8 on remaining corners. Unfold all corners and reverse fold the 2 folds in each corner. Push in the first fold and pull out the second fold. Repeat on 3 other corners.
Fold small triangles on both sides up and over the front. Unfold and reverse fold. Push to inside.

Step 2

Make 5 sections using basic fold. Glue flat side of one section to flat side of next section with points together and all open ends facing same direction. Trace and cut out 2 cover patterns. Cover with decorative paper allowing 1⁄4" all around to fold under. Match the halfway point of 27" ribbon to bottom point of inside cover, glue ribbon from this point to center of top. Glue block of 5 sections on top of this. Place ribbon over bottom points of the 5 sections up to center of top edge, glue. Glue second cover on top of this. Tie book open to see flower formation.

Step 3

Excerpted with permission from "Origami Papercrafting: Folded and Washi Paper Projects for Mini Books, Cards, Ornaments, Tiny Boxes and More" by Kathy Yoshida, Allyson Morrison, Catherine Mace, Karen Elaine Thomas, Lauren Johnston, Lea Cioci, Michelle Toss, Sally Traidman, Suzanne McNeill, Sheila Cunningham, published by Design Originals.

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