Fondant Icing Flowers and Roses

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Making a fondant flower or rose is one of the first big hurdles when learning how to decorate a cake. Helen Penman, author of "Fondant Modeling for Cake Decorators" carefully explains the steps to making the leaves of a flower, your first step on creating a bouquet.
-- Flower paste (alternatively, use modeling chocolate)
-- Cornstarch (for dusting)
-- Edible glue
-- Workboard
-- Toothpicks
-- Rolling pin
-- Rose petal cutter (medium)
-- Foam pad
-- Bone tool


Step 1

1 Using 1/4 oz. (7 g) of flower paste, make a cone shape and impale it on the end of a round toothpick.

Step 2

Roll out the remaining flower paste. Cut out only the required petals for each layer, otherwise they will dry too quickly. In this instance, you will need two petals for the first layer, three for the second and five for the final layer.

Step 3

For the first layer, use the rose petal cutter to cut out two petals. Place them on the foam pad and soften with the bone tool, then work around the curved edge of the petal with a toothpick, stretching the paste and frilling it.

Step 4

Using edible glue to affix the petals, begin by attaching the first petal to the cone from Step 1 by one edge, then wrap it around the cone, but before you stick down the whole petal, start the second petal so they intertwine. Tease the petals once attached so they are slightly open.

Step 5

For the second layer, cut three petals and follow the same instructions, intertwining all three. Tease the petals out further and curl them backward a little using a toothpick.

Step 6

For the final layer, cut five petals and follow the instructions in Steps 4 and 5. Take the flower off the toothpick and place on a flat surface until dry.

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