Free Crochet Pattern: Make Leg Warmers Kids Will Love

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Your kids can step out and keep warm in style with these hopscotch leg warmers. They can be worn inside boots to show off just the cuffs or worn with shoes to let them take center stage. This wool blend yarn is warm and soft, and has a marvelous sheen and texture to make glorious pom-poms. You may find that you want to make some of these eye-catching multi-colored pom-poms to add to garments, scarves and hats as well!
Here's what you need:
Cascade Pacific, 60% acrylic, 40% Superwash Merino Wool, 213 yd (195 m)/3.5 oz (100 g):
- 2 skeins #53 Beet (A)
- 1 skein each #66 Teal Heather (B)
- #84 Persimmon (C)
- #51 Honeysuckle Pink (D)
- F/5 (3.75mm) crochet hook
- size 1 3/8" (35 mm) pom-pom maker
- yarn needle
- rust-proof pins

Step 1

Leg Warmers (make 2): With A, ch 65 (70, 75):
- Row 1 (RS): Working in back bar of the ch sts, sc in 2nd ch from hook and on next 47 (52, 57) ch, hdc in rem 16 ch, turn.
- Row 2 (RS): Ch 2, working in blo only, *hdc in first 7 sts, ch 2, sk next 2 sts, hdc in next 7 sts, sc in each st across, turn.
- Row 3: Ch 2, working in blo only, sc in each of first 48 (53, 58) sts, hdc in each sts across, turn.
- Rows 4–49 (51, 53): Rep Rows 2–3 (23 [24, 25]) times. Fasten off, leaving a 20 (22, 24)" (51 [56, 61] cm) sewing length.

Step 2

Cuff Trim:
- With RS facing, join B with a sl st in top right-hand corner of the cuff (hdc end of Leg Warmer), *ch 4, sk next 2 rows, insert hook in the st that is 3 sts below the edge, right under the unworked front lp of the st, complete a long sc, rep from * across the top edge of the Cuff.
- Fasten off.

Step 3

Bottom Trim:
- With WS facing, with B, place slip knot on hook, yo, insert hook in the top right-hand corner (the last ch in the beg ch of the Leg Warmers), yo, draw yarn through st, [yo, draw yarn through 2 lps on hook] twice to complete a standing dc, dc in the edge st at the beg of row 1 of the Leg Warmers, *sk next row, dc in next row-end st, rep from * across bottom edge.
- Fasten off.

Step 4

Cuff Tie (Make 2):
- With B, work 163 (165, 167) fsc.
- Fasten off.

Step 5

Pom-Poms (MAKE 4):
- On one half of the pom-pom maker, wrap yarn A 86 times. On the other half, wrap yarn A 5 times in the middle, wrap yarn C 10 times on top of color A, wrap yarn D 18 times on top of color C, wrap yarn B 8 times on the right-hand side of color D, and wrap yarn A 45 times on top of all previous colors.
- Finish Pom-Pom as directed in pom-pom maker instructions.

Step 6

- Weave in ends, except the long tails left for seaming.
- Pin Leg Warmers and Cuff Ties on a blocking board, and wet or steam block. Sew side seams on the Leg Warmers from bottom edge up to where the cuff folds (where the hdc sts begin).
- Weave a Cuff Tie through the spaces in each of the Cuffs, and tie a knot at the very end of each Cuff Tie. Sew one Pom-Pom on each knotted end of both Cuff Ties. 13 (131⁄2, 14)” 33 [34.25, 35.5] cm)

Step 7

Legwarmer's Schematic:
- 13 (131⁄2, 14)” 33 [34.25, 35.5] cm)
- 3” (7.5 cm)

- 91⁄2 (101⁄2, 111⁄2)”
- (24.25 [26.75, 29.25] cm)
- 8 (81⁄4, 81⁄2)”
- (20 [20.75, 21.25] cm)

Step 8

This tutorial is excerpted with permission from
"Crocheting Clothes Kids Love: 28 Fun-to-Wear Projects" by Shelby Allaho and Ellen Gormley and published by Creative Publishing International.

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