Gabion-Style Cocktail Table

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It’s easy to create a swank surface for the evening cocktail hour—garden style—with a ring of wire fencing, a pile of rounded river rocks, and a repurposed glass top. My backyard lounge table, located where it gets afternoon shade and furnished with weathered but well-loved Adirondack chairs, is a wonderful place to sit back, relax, and toast the beauty of a summer sunset.
Materials & Tools:
- Heavy-duty, metal hairpin fencing, 18 x 60 inches
- 30 to 40 river rocks, 10- to 12-inch diameter
- Tempered glass tabletop
- Bolt cutters
- Pliers

Source: Handmade Garden Projects: Step-by-Step Instructions for Cre...

Step 1

Form wire cylinder.
Trim wire fencing to an 18 x 60-inch rectangle. If you are using hairpin fencing the scalloped edge will be the top of the table supporting the piece of glass. The opposite border—the bottom—should be clipped to a finished edge. Connect the vertical sides of the frame to form a cylinder by clipping wires and wrapping them around the opposite side; crimp with pliers to secure.

Step 2

Position table.
Set cylinder in place and fill the wire frame with river rocks. Place flat sides of stones so they sit flush to the walls of the wire frame. Arrange the top tier of stones to provide a level surface so your glass top rests securely on the wire rim of the frame.

Step 3

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