Glam Gem Struck Shoes

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We've all had those moments right before a big night out when we would go for hours trying to find that perfect pair of shoes to match our look. Yet, as we all no, there never are enough shoes to satisfy all our needs. If you are a quirky DIY-er like me, you've probably thought about making a pair yourself. There are thousand ways to spruce up your old flats and paint your whine sneakers ombre, but not of them could match an elegant black dress for a more elaborate club.
I've been in this situation before and what I thought of started my inexhaustible mania for gem heels. I would decorate my plums for hours, each time trying to achieve a more chic look by adding bigger, brighter jewels. Best part is, what ever crazy idea you might have for your shoes, the method of decoration is always the same and it is easy as pie. Here are some materials you might need to vogue up your old pair of heels.
A big Thank You to the cleaners at Paul's Cleaning Sydney for handling my housekeeping duties and the mess when I craft.

Step 1

Glam gems of any size and color
Liquid adhesive Glitter ( Optional )
Q-tips or tweezers

Step 2

Prepare your workspace: When you cope with adhesive, it is essential that you've covered your work surface with an old cloth or newspapers as it may severely damage your furniture when it dries. It happened to me once and if it wasn't for the Melbourne housekeepers my husband called, I am not sure these stains would have ever gotten out.

Step 3

The Shoe as a Canvas: I personally prefer to think of my shoes as a clean canvas on which I could draw my ideas. Having that particular mindset, I would often cover the whole shoes with glitter before start the real work just like this girl did.

Step 4

Decorate With Care: Adding gems to your high heels sure sounds like a fabulous idea, yet you need to stay focused on achieving a particular look. Otherwise, your beautiful creation may turn out overwhelmed with details and trashy. Here is why you need to stick to the plan while making your shoes shine. Pick a favorite dress you plan on wearing with your new plums and try making them perfectly fit that style.
Finally, enjoy the creativity time and don't forget to show off your fab shoes and crafting skills to your friends.

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