Glass Terrarium with Succulent and Woodsy Plants

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These terrariums blend succulent and dry-loving plants with woodsy, moisture-loving plants. This may be done successfully by keeping the succulent plants in their own pots so that they drain properly in spite of being planted in moss or lichen.

Excerpted from "Terrarium Craft: Create 50 Magical Miniature Worlds" by Amy Bryant Aiello and Kate Bryant, published Timber Press. Images by Kate Baldwin.
Materials and Tools:
-1 clear glass container
-Black sand
-Feather moss or beard lichen
-Reindeer moss clump

-Large white pebbles or pale blue river rocks
-Dried sea urchin
-Small plotted fern or plant
-Old chopsticks or another kind of stick for shifting hard-to-reach items

Source: , Terrarium Craft: Create 50 Magical, Miniature ...

Step 1

Assemble your materials.

Step 2

Pour sand into terrarium. Give container a shake or two to level sand.

Step 3

Loosen moss clump, without actually separating pieces. Drop loosened moss clump down into container and arrange so fluffy pieces are facing up and out.

Step 4

Form a hole in moss toward the center for potted plant.

Step 5

Add small pieces of reindeer moss.

Step 6

Arrange rocks by sliding them down the sides of the terrarium.

Step 7

Add sea urchins against glass. Slip potted plant into hole in
center of moss.

Step 8

Add remaining reindeer moss to conceal pot. Voila—done!

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