Halloween Crafts — Glow Ghosts

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Try making these ghosts with glow-in-the-dark plastic lace for a cool effect.
- 1 piece 32-inch plastic lace
- 2 pieces 26-inch plastic lace
- 3 pieces 10-inch plastic lace
- 1 lanyard hook
- 2 stick-on craft eyes

Step 1

Start a six-strand project, and make 7 stitches. To form the neck, let the two central strands dangle free. Use the other four strands to make a square stitch around them.

Step 2

Make three square stitches. Now spread the two central strands out.

Step 3

Weave them into a six-strand straight stitch.

Step 4

Make two tight stitches and one loose one. Group the three short lace pieces together. Thread them under the loose stitch, parallel to and between the two guideline laces. Make sure both sides are equal in length. Pull the stitch tight. Make ten more straight stitches with your main body lace.
To form the legs, split the six strands into two groups of three as on page 15, steps 12–16. Make ten triangular stitches on each leg, and finish (page 15, step 17). Lace the arms in the same triangular stitch from the shoulders out. After six stitches, finish off as you did the legs. Trim the loose ends to about a half-inch. Fasten the eyes with a small dab of glue.

Step 5

This Halloween craft is excerpted with permission from "Halloween Plastic Lace Crafts: Easy-to-Make Monsters, Ghosts, and Creepy Crawlies" by David Hall, David Kominz and Phyllis Damon, published by Design Originals.

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