Handmade Wedding Favors — Collage Paperweights

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The level of detail required for this project makes it ideal for small weddings where you can customize the favors for your guests. Each paperweight becomes a miniature work of art. The kits are simple and would be a fun activity for a crafty bridal shower. Set out paperweight kits and ephemera and let each guest at the shower create a collage or two.
When to start:
4 to 6 weeks before the wedding
- 50 paperweights
You'll Need:
- Vintage ephemera such as letters, advertisements, ribbons, buttons, patterned tape, millinery flowers and leaves
- 50 paperweight kits in a variety of shapes
- Glue stick
- Scissors

Step 1

Create the collages. Let your creativity guide you, and look for colors and patterns from the ephemera that inspire you. Combine old advertisements or letters with a millinery leaf and then top off the combination with an old button. When you are pleased with each collage, use the glue stick to adhere the elements together.

Step 2

Attach the collages to the mounting boards. For each paperweight, remove the backing from the adhesive mounting board provided in the kit. Place the collage on the mounting board. Use scissors to trim any overhanging parts of the collage from the board.

Step 3

Finish the paperweights. Fit the mounting board into the recess in the base of each glass paperweight. Remove the backing from the adhesive of the bottom pad, center it on the bottom of the paperweight, and press it firmly in place.

Step 4

This handmade wedding favor craft is excerpted with permission from " Vintage Wedding Style: More than 25 Simple Projects and Endless Inspiration for Designing Your Big Day " by Elizabeth Demos and published by Chronicle Books.

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