Holly Leaf Christmas Cupcake Toppers

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These holly leaf Christmas cupcake toppers pair perfectly with vanilla or chocolate cupcakes and buttercream icing. Get the recipe for the Madagascan vanilla cupcakes with buttercream icing.
For 12 cupcakes
- Cornstarch, for dusting
- Small rolling pin
- 2oz green ready-made
 gum paste (see page 159
 for suppliers)
- Small sharp knife
- Small paintbrush with soft
- Boiled water, cooled
- Edible glitter in “disco green,”
 “yellow,” and “super nova
- Pastry bag fitted with a 1/4-inch plain tip
- 1 quantity Vanilla Buttercream or Cream Cheese Frosting, colored with red, green, and/or yellow edible food coloring pastes
- 12 chocolate or vanilla cupcake bases

Step 1

Dust a little cornstarch onto your work surface to stop the gum paste from sticking to it. Then roll out the gum paste
to 1/8 inch in thickness.

Step 2

Using the tip of a small sharp knife, carefully cut out 12 holly leaves. (You may find it easier to make a paper template first to cut around.) Leave them to dry in the refrigerator for several hours, or ideally overnight, until hard.

Step 3

Using a small paintbrush, lightly brush the cooled boiled water over the surface of the holly leaves. Cover with edible glitter and shake off the excess, then leave them to dry for a few minutes.

Step 4

Fill the pastry bag with frosting, twist the end tightly, and squeeze gently until the frosting starts to come through.

Step 5

Hold the bag vertically and slowly pipe a ring of frosting around the edge of a cupcake. Continue in a spiral until you reach the center. Stop the pressure, then push the bag down and up sharply to finish.

Step 6

Poke the holly leaf into the top of 
the frosted cupcake. Frost the remaining cupcakes in the same way and arrange a holly leaf on top of each to finish.

Step 7

This holly leaf cupcake recipe is excerpted with permission from "Cox Cookies & Cake" by Patrick Cox and Eric Lanlard, and published by Mitchell Beazley (Octopus Publishing Group).

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