How to Build a Wooden Table From Scratch

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I have often admired wooden tables and wondered if it is possible to build one with my own two hands. This wondering turned into motivation to actually build a wooden table of mine. Making a wooden table is no rocket science. Here are the steps to build one:

Step 1

1) Type of Wood should be chosen
First and foremost the preferable type of wood should be chosen. There are multiple varieties of wood and a hardware shop owner would be the best person to discuss the options. For a novice, pine wood is not a bad choice, however, poplar, redwood or treated wood can also be considered. Based on the quality and type of wood, the price varies. So if you want a good output, choose a strong wood, either rectangular or square in shape, for the top of the table and 4 long pieces for the leg of the table. Strong wood provides sturdiness and support.

Step 2

2) The preparation
The other ingredients that would be necessary are measuring tape, pencil, hammer, gloves, table saw, wood planer, nails, leg braces. So gather all of these things, decide on the size of the table and then cut off any excess wood. Then place everything on a space (can be a strong wooden table / on the floor). The measurements should be taken correctly with the help of the pencil and tape and the saw should be used to eliminate any extra wood.

Step 3

3) Table Height
The next thing that should be sorted is the height of the table. This height would be based on the purpose that would be served by the table. Once you decide what you would use the table for, accordingly measure the wood pieces meant for the legs and cut off any extra wood from all the legs. Ensure all the legs are equal in size and are cut appropriately. Uneven legs would make the table unstable and it will result in a wobbling table.

Step 4

4) The Final Touch
Now place the rectangular/square wood piece on the workspace. Get the glue and the nail kit and be prepared for the final part of the table making. Choose the nail size that seems the most appropriate. Then stick the table legs with the table top using wood glue. This ensures that the legs are stable and makes it easier to hammer the nails. Once the glue is dry, then place the table on its legs and start hammering the nails in the relevant places from the top of the table. Post the hammering work is done, leg braces should be added to provide additional support to the table. Fit the leg braces appropriately and then screw down from the sides firmly. Ensure the screws are not sticking out from the sides.
The wooden table is now all ready and the last step left is to varnish it and paint it as per your choice.

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