How to Cook Sushi Rice

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Cooking perfect sushi rice is not as complicated as it may look. As you go along with it, you may notice that it is just making traditional rice, only adding some vinegar to it, and a little bit of Japanese methodology. Check these five simple steps.

Step 1

Choose the right one
Japanese have already invented everything. They even made special round sushi rice called “shari.” You can easily find this product in any supermarket.

Step 2

Measuring and preparing
As a rule, one cup of rice equals three rolls. To prepare your rice, wash it with running water for two minutes. After you are done, place it in the pot and add water. You should add a little bit more water than the rice. The ratio is about 1.15:1 in favor of water). Be careful. Do not add too much water unless you will get dough.

Step 3

Cooking rice
Put the pot on a high heat first and stir the rice every minute or two. When the water boils, lower the heat at a minimum and cover the pot. You should not stir it anymore, the rice will handle itself from this moment. This is just a Japanese way of cooking.
Check the water level after 8-10 minutes. If the water has boiled away and only the grains of rice are in the pot, this means that your rice is ready. If not, check it every minute to make sure that you do not burn the rice at a bottom.

Step 4

Getting out the rice
There are a few important details to remember while getting the rice out of the pot. I’m not kidding. Firstly, you should use only the wooden spoon to take the cooked rice out. A metal one may damage the rice and can react with the vinegar that will be added later. Secondly, do not scrape it out from the bottom. If it comes out, that’s great. If not, just leave it. The rice at the pot’s bottom is burned and dry so it won’t be tasty. Put the rice to chill into a plastic or a wooden bowl.

Step 5

Seasoning the rice
To make it more like sushi rice and not like ordinary rice, you should add some vinegar right after you take it out of the pot.
How to do this?
• For three cups of the uncooked rice, you should use ½ of vinegar, two tablespoons of sugar and two teaspoons of salt. Make sure to use only rice vinegar, because any other kind of it will taste bad.
• Mix all the ingredients in a small pot, place it on medium hit until everything is mixed in.
• Add the mixture to the rice and stir.
• Let the rice cool for a few minutes. Do not put it in the fridge to make it faster. It will spoil the taste. However, you can put it near the window.
That's it. Your sushi rice is ready! Hopefully, it turned out as you expected or even better. Now enjoy making sushi!

Step 6

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