How to Make a Beautiful Bean Bag Chair

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I’m excited to share a new project - simple DIY tutorial to make a (bean bag) chair using 2 meters of heavyweight fabric (147 cm wide).
I was inspired by photos that I found in Pinterest.

Step 1

How I did it:
I fold the fabric and measure approximately 30 cm on one side of the fabric and then cut a curve.Then I fold the fabric in half lengthwise again. Measure approximately 15 cm on one side of the fabric - cut a small curve too. Then fold the fabric again, but backwards and add a few pins to keep the fabric in place. It’s time to start sewing! First, I sew those two sides of the bean bag and leave an opening of about 20 cm to be able to fill the bean bag later and fold the fabric again, so I could see the front of the (bean bag)[]. I added pins and sew to close the bean bag and used a zigzag stitch to sew along the raw edge of your hem. Turn the fabric inside out and start filling the bean bag. Hand sew the bean bag closed.
You can make a bean bag liner using the same tutorial so you can wash the bean bag later.
2 meters of heavyweight fabric (147 cm wide).
2 packs of bean bag chair refill (100 Liter refill bags)
Sewing machine

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