How to Make a Custom School Planner

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Make a custom sized school planner to organise all of your lessons, tutorials, homework notes and assignments in.

Step 1

The first thing you are going to need to do is decide what size you want your school planner to be. Most people don't want to carry around a full sized folder just to organise their lessons.
Once you have decided on a size what you want to do is measure out and mark your new dimensions on either side of the centre of a standard A4 binder.
After marking the dimensions out with a heavy pencil or easy mark pen you should use a ruler assisted cutting blade to trim the school planner to size.

Step 2

Print out and add in your standard weekly planner templates. These will be a Monday to Friday daily scheduler which allow you to make notes of any homework, study groups, tutorials or extra reading you might need to do. You can find great templates at DIY Planner.

Step 3

After you've created your standard templates which will populate the bulk of your new school diary/planner the next step is to add dividers. Dividers help categorise the content into sections of your choosing. This can be by term, subject or even teacher.
You can even create separate sections for handy information such as:
Studying Help -
Homework Help -
Bullying Help -
These dividers can easily be made with craft card available in any store.

Step 4

Next is to punch holes in your dividers and planner templates ready to go into the folder. Make sure you that you use one with supporting arms which make sure that you punch holes evenly in the middle every time.

Step 5

Finally cover your cut folder in felt using craft glue, staples or even a discrete section of tape. Then you're good to go with your new personalised school binder.
This is the fun part as you can make your learning experience really personalised and reflect your personality. Happy learning!

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